Areas where cadastral map utilization is necessary

Cadastral charts can have important operations in a variety of fields related to land power and land operation.

Below are some exemplifications of Cadastral maps.

Real estate sale and development operation

In the real estate assiduity, Cadastral charts are essential for managing real estate deals and developments. It’s used to corroborate property boundaries, power information, and land use rights, and provides the legal base for real estate deals.

Real Estate levies and Assessments

Original governments and duty authorities use Cadastral maps to assess real estate levies and update property assessments. This plays an important part in generating original duty profit and icing fair levies.

Civic and public planning

In civic and territorial planning, Cadastral maps give necessary information for civic development, land use planning and unborn land use planning. This helps manage and coordinate development in original
communities. 지적도무료열람

natural disaster operation

Cadastral charts are used to identify areas at threat for cataracts, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and to develop disaster operation and evacuation plans. By assaying terrain and land power information, you can identify threat areas.

resource operation

In resource operation fields similar as husbandry, mining, and timber operation, Cadastral charts are essential for the use and protection of land coffers. These charts can be used to track and cover resource holders and their application rights.

Legal and Trial Litigation

Cadastral charts are used in land action and property rights controversies. It’s used as substantiation to
determine land boundaries and power in court.

Insurance and Finance

Real estate insurance and fiscal institutions use Cadastral maps to assess the value and threat of real estate and use it to make insurance and lending opinions.

environmental protection

Environmental protection authorities use Cadastral maps to cover and regulate land use and development conditioning to cover and save the natural terrain.

Cadastral charts are an important tool for managing land- related information and abetting opinions in a
variety of fields.

This information plays an important part in a variety of fields, including real estate requests,land operation, public policy, environmental protection, resource operation and law.

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